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Our research focuses on understanding how proteins work in the cell by studying the intricate relationships that exist between protein function and structure, involving communication networks both within the protein and between proteins. To achieve this we are developing methods and tools to aid in the early stages of drug discovery using Bioinformatics, Computational Biophysics and Systems Biology approaches.

For more information on general research interests of our group or current projects we are involved in please visit the Research or Projects pages. Additional research at Wake Forest University that is related to ours can be found on the Computational Biosciences and Molecular Signaling websites.

Sept 2011: Beyond the Genome Conference in Washington DC

Fetrow Group lab members, Amy Olex and Brian Westwood, attended BioMed Central's 2nd Beyond the Genome conference held in Washington DC and presented posters describing their recent work with Yeast knockout microarray data. Amy's poster was entitled "Metabolic pathways are differently affected in Saccharomyces cerevisiae thiol peroxidase mutants during redox stress with hydrogen peroxide" and Brian's poster was entitled "Discrete Correlate Summation and Disparate Molecular Interaction Profiles in Yeast Peroxidase Knock-Out Response to H2O2". The poster session went well with several interested parties. To download Amy and Brian's poster abstracts, please click here.