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QEP Funds for International Scholars

The Fund for International Scholars provides resources to invite international scholars to campus for presentations, lectures, short research projects, or other types of collaboration. Six applications were awarded funding for the Spring 2009 semester:

Dr. Joaquim Nobrega (Federal University of Sao Carolos) and Dr. Clésia Nascentes (Federal University of Minas Gerais) from Brazil visited for a planning session with faculty in the Department of Chemistry to prepare a "Partnerships for International Research and Education" (PIRE) proposal.

Dr. Carmen Molina-Paris (University of Leeds) came to campus to collaborate with Paul Anderson in the Department of Physics on a research project. She also led a departmental colloquium.

Dr. Dipak Pant (Università Carlo Cattaneo) from Italy was hosted by faculty from the Department of Anthropology. He presented an open lecture and taught classes on sustainability and the Indian sub-continent, as well as presented a seminar for students, faculty, and Anthropology museum fellows.

Dr. Simone Guercini (University of Florence) was hosted by the Department of Sociology. He made a formal presentation to the department, presented a paper at the Social Science Research Seminar, and met with junior faculty to discuss research.

Professor David Bellugi (Cherubini Conservatory of Music in Florence), who is one of the world's most accomplished performers on the recorder, was hosted by Peter Kairoff in the Department of Music. Dr. Bellugi performed a public recital, gave a lecture to students, and held a coaching session to the recorder ensemble of the WFU Collegium Musicum.

Mr. Kauila Clark (Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center) served as senior consultant in support of a cross-campus initiative on global health, justice, and culture with a focus on indigenous community partners. A guest of Ulrike Wiethaus of the Department of Religion, Mr. Clark provided lectures and presentations in addition to his consultation.