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Here is a photo of my class doing knot theory a few years back...

Here are some links.


Did someone say links? Click here to go to the knotplot homepage. It gives you a way to generate amazing pictures of knots and links such as the Borromean Rings pictured below.

A good website for those interested in calculus is

Looking for topology on the web? Here are a couple websites The Topology Atlas, or Mark Brittenham's great homepage . a nice topology blog .

If you are looking for topology papers on the web, you can find many great papers with free access at the Arxiv .

You can check out your mathematical family tree (or someone else's) thanks to the mathematics genealogy project at MSU.

Many mathematicians write up their work in Latex. One thing that can slow writing down is a symbol we haven't used before or at least haven't used recently. Detexify will let you draw a picture and figure out the latex code for the symbol.

Snappea is a fantastic program for knot theory.

Check out the Wake Forest Department of Mathematics homepage

MathSciNet is an invaluable search tool for a mathematician (but your school needs to subscribe to access it).

Having trouble making up your mind? can help.

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