The old capital of KAZAKHSTAN

Population: over 1.3 million

Religions: Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Baptists and others

Transportation: Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams and Taxi

Welcome to Alma-Ata, the legend is that this was a place for the apple tree in garden of Eden, and some say that the best apples are from Almaty, which in Kazak languuage means the apple place.

My home city, located on South Eastern part of Republic of Kazakhstan

The tallest building in Alma-Ata - hotel "Kazakhstan".

Medeo - one of the most popular places for citizens of Alma-Ata.

"The Palace of the Pioneers" - the unique place for the children to play and learning.

There is an interesting story about the Cathedral - it was the only building that survived after devastating earthquake in 1911.

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