Personal Information
  • Background. I grew up outside Osceola, Indiana. Osceola is a small town (although, it now has two stoplights) in the same county as South Bend. There are fourteen towns named Osceola in the United States, but all of them are very small. My wife, Paulette, was born in Enville, Tennessee, but she grew up in the nearby town of Mishawaka, Indiana. We have lived here in Winston-Salem since 1972.

  • Hobbies. I enjoy anything mathematical; in particular, I collect mathematical stamps. I have created a webpage with part of my Collection. I love gardening; one of my goals is add enough compost to my garden to turn the red clay into the black loam of my home state of Indiana. I also like to read. Paulette and I enjoy traveling, and we are both active members of Bethabara Moravian Church. This part of North Carolina was originally settled by the Moravians, and Bethabara was their first church as well as the site of their first settlement; it was founded in 1753.
  • Pictures. Here are some pictures from our Photo Album.