ECN 201 : Economic Data Analysis

Michael Lawlor
Department of Economics, Wake Forest University
Fall 2008

Basic resources
   * Syllabus ( file)
   * Website for the gretl econometrics program
(local Windows download here).

Readings and assignments by unit

   * Introduction
      What are data?
   * Introduction to GRETL
      Basic gretl skills
   * The Basics of Regression Analysis
      Simple Regression and Gretl
   * The Comparative Health Spending of Nations
    Health Spending Unit Description
      "It's the Prices Stupid"
   * Analysis of variance
      Analysis of variance homework
      Basic statistical formulae
   * Macroeconomic time-series
      Extracts from Keynes's General Theory
      Macroeconomic time-series: the consumption function
      Consumption function assignment
  * Classroom Powerpoint Presentations

Data sources

   * Cross-country health data from the OECD
   * The Economic Report of the President
   * The Federal Reserve Board

Other documents

Playfair graph

Pioneering time-series graph by William Playfair, 1786

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