Presentation Assignment - COMM. 370/670

Below are presentation Assignments

You will have approximately 15 minutes for your presentation to be followed by questions from the class

Presentations can use web links, Powerpoint, handouts, pre-readings sent to the class, etc.

I will also be sending out pre-readings for each week

Mini Presentations

Sept 29
Campaign Web site content - Seth Maheu
Branding/Use of Secondary Sites – Taylor Kitz
Interactivity on Web Pages – web design and voter interaction – Seungwon Chung
Wiki influence- citizen input factors – Alex Wiesner

Oct 6
Mobile technologies – e. g., Tweeter – Joel Ernst
Campaign generated e-mail from campaigns – Alyssa Ray
Micro-targeting – Allyson Camp
Discussion boards – participatory sites – Erin Kerr

Oct  13
Interests groups: e. g., – Liza Bruno
Match up and other ground organizing efforts – Brittney Bogues
Youth mobilization (Involvements and activation) – Rebecca Bowers
On-line social networks (facebook, MySpace, etc.) – Rachel Hays

Oct  20
Fund raising - Maya Yette
Banner Advertising - Ariane Datil
Political blogs –Voice – Amy Rush
Blogs and Mainstream media intersect – Amanda Schwartz

Oct  27
Video on demand via web pages- Jacqueline Altieri
Parody/Comedy on the Web – Influence – Alex Juszkiewicz
YouTube’s Influence (video and viral) – Stephen Anderson
Music Videos (political) – Influence – Brigette Proctor

Nov 3
Political databases – content, uses, risks/Polling and the web – Gray Allen
Fact Check – efficacy – Greg Williams
Web pages and State wide races (Senate, Governor, etc.) – Rachel Bates
International Web response to US Election – Lauren Galloway

Nov 10
Measuring Influence – methodology of research the web –Lynn Enterline, Shelly Graves, Sean Luechtefeld, Andrea Reed