By Oct 13 or before you or your research group need to schedule a meeting with the instructor to present their idea for the research project. Immediately after class is a good time.

By Oct 13 your or your research group must have a written proposal that should (when appropriate) follow these guidelines:

1. No more than two pages.
2. Include the hypothesis or hypotheses you plan to examine (a clear declarative statement of what is to be tested) and some indication of the methodology for examining the materials
3. Indicate the materials (and availability) you will examine

All projects must be approved. Thus if the project is not clearly defined, too broad, or an inappropriate topic you will be asked to resubmit the proposal until it is accepted.

This is a research project not a normal term paper. Thus you would want a "review of literature" section but also method, results, & discussion sections.

HINT: Allow your natural curiosity about events or items you have observed in digital practice to lead you to an appropriate research question. Remember to narrow, narrow, narrow, the focus of your research question. Can consult Technology bib for ideas.