"No threat of communism"

The famous discussion of communism in Russia

Carter: Nuclear Weaponry and his daughter Amy

Carter asks his daughter for advice on leading the country

Dukakis: If your wife were raped…

The impersonal response to the question of capital punishment

Abortion: Partisan differences on abortion

Compare Gore now and 1992

Bush: "Card carrying member of the ACLU

Link to first Kennedy/Nixon debate (RealPlayer)

Link to video from Presidential Debates 1960-1992


Stockdale: "Who am I, Why am I here?"

Stockdale’s opening statement that reveals his displacement

Kennedy: "Great Country"

A famous bit discussing patriotism

Ferraro: "Patronizing

An assertion by a strong lady of her knowledge of politics

Quayle: Quayle’s ability to take over the presidency

Quayle’s qualifications were a major issue

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: "Hearing aid was not turned on"

Stockdale shows a bit of senility

Reagan: Reagan would not exploit Mondale’s youth

Reagan turns the age issue back on Mondale

Gore: No "football stories"

Gore makes a deal about football and environment stories

Quayle: "Very strong record about environment in Senate"

He makes an amusingly false claim about policy

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: "Pulling a Clinton"

Quayle accuses Gore of pulling a Clinton

TownHall: No mudslinging

Audience showed their disapproval of the focus on character rather than issues

Quayle: Bush’s choice of Quayle

The dumbest choice he ever made

Bentsen: Bentsen tells Quayle he’s "no Jack Kennedy"

A comparison nipped in the bud

Bush/Perot/Clinton: A question of Character

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Reagan: "There you go again"

Mondale: "There you go again" again!

Dukaks: "If Kitty were. . . ." (Shaw)

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