Wake Forest University
Presentation Assignment #2
Presidential Rhetoric

Calvin Coolidge
Instructions: Each group is responsible for class periods instruction (50 minutes). That will be tricky to organize with the limited time. The group should aim to to achieve the following 1) summarize the research your read 2) extract overall lessons about the topic or methods of inquiry that are uniquely illustrated with your topic 3) provide examples via transcripts, video, audio, to ground your presentation, at least somewhat, in original texts and 4) allow time for discussion. All groups will have more material than can possibly be presented in that time period and choices will have to be made.

I have materials (and sometimes ideas), in my office or on line resources, that can be mined for examples, supplemental materials, etc. Groups may want to met with me to get materials or ideas. The lists below will be culled in the near future and lists currently below will change before your presentation. The lists below are "starter kits" for your presentations that certainly can be supplemented. For each group I will also be indicating what is to be read by the entire class in preparation for your presentation (groups can make their recommendations to me as well for what they want the class to know prior to their presentation).

You can trade groups if you find a willing person. Please let me know if you do.

Presentation Topics and Dates:

October 14 - Lecture: Convention Speaking & Film

October 16 - Fall Break

October 19 - Middle "Modern" Presidents - Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover - Meghan Haenn

October 21 - Truman & Eisenhower - Shaney Soderquist & Erin Kerr

October 23 - Franklin D. Roosevelt - Bib - Ike Opara

October 26 - :JFK & LBJ - Cierra Graham & Alex Gove

October 28 - Lecture -Nixon Ford/Carter

October 30 -Lecture -Reagan

November 2 - Going Public: Domestic Speaking: Ryan Semeniuk & Justine Tien

November 4 - War Rhetoric - David Tokarz & Phil Negus

November 6 - Foreign Policy: Will Sears & Travis Wadkins

November 9 - Lecture: Presidential Scandals: Allie Bodemann & Matt Woodlief

November 16 - Ceremonial Rhetoric: Katie Breidenbach & David Weaver

November 18 - Moral Leadership: Akira Fitzgerald & Caitlin Ferrell

November 20 - Presidentinal Speech Writing - Justin Herzig & Alex Wiesner

November 23 - Non Speaking Presidential Rhetoric: Holly Austin & Robert Warren

November 30 - Collective Memory - Mark Russell

December 2, 4 - Research Reports on Individual Projects