Dr. Sarah K Mason
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Wake Forest University

About me

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio but I spent most of my childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia state lottery funds paid for my education at the University of Georgia (go dawgs!) where I tried several different majors before deciding on mathematics. One amazing professor at UGA, Jason Cantarella encouraged me to pursue graduate studies in mathematics and helped me decide to attend the University of Pennsylvania, his phd alma mater. I quickly became interested in algebraic combinatorics and my advisor, Jim Haglund, got me interested in symmetric functions and Macdonald polynomials in particular. I received my PhD in 2006 and spent time in California, Canada, North Carolina, then California again before returning to North Carolina to start a tenure-track position at Wake Forest University.


If I'm not in my office doing math, you can probably find me out riding my bike. I've been competing in triathlons for about 5 years now but my favorite part is the bike. (Well, that and the food - a nice long ride followed by a monster burrito together make up the perfect afternoon!) I also love to hike, play piano, read, and travel. I'll post pictures from some of these activities soon!

A few pictures
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