Dr. Sarah K Mason
Associate Professor
A. J. Sterge Faculty Fellow
Department of Mathematics
Wake Forest University

"Learning without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without learning is perilous."

This quote by Confucius guides my approach to both research and teaching. In the classroom I encourage my students to be active learners, exploring new ideas and ways to apply the material they learn in the classroom to other areas of study and their lives in general. I think of my relationship with students as a partnership in which we share the same goals and I like to allow my students' interests and intuitions influence the directions we take.

Fall Semester 2020

During fall semester 2020 I am teaching two sections of Introductory Calculus (MST 111) at Wake Forest University and team-teaching the First Year Seminar "Betting and Bidding: Applying Logic and Math to Games of Chance".

Previous courses

Wake Forest University

  • Combinatorial Analysis
  • Combinatorical game theory
  • Algebraic combinatorics
  • Graph Theory
  • Linear algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Calculus I and II
  • Mathematical puzzles and games (First Year Seminar)
  • Counting on sustainable energy (First Year Seminar)

Davidson College

  • Finite Math
  • Calculus I and II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Combinatorics Seminar


  • Abstract Algebra

University of Pennsylvania

  • Learning math by teaching math (an academically based community service course)
  • Calculus (teaching assistant)
Last updated November 2020
by S K Mason.