Questions from Google Forums

Rick Matthews

December 8, 2010

The university is studying the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to Google Apps for Educatoin for Mail and Calendar. The Committee on Information Technology hosted forums for faculty and staff on November 17, 2010 and Dec. 3, 2010 to raise questions and raise concerns. CIT Chair Susan Borwick captured questions asked at the forum, and these questions and responses are presented here for the benefit of those who could not attend.

Some questions were identified in advance by the Committee on Information Technology and the IT Executive Committee and are addressed here. Additional questions raised at the forums can be found below. Most of these questions are about process and functionality. For information on how to do particular tasks, please visit the Google Pilot FAQ.

How likely is it that all of WFU will migrate to Google apps?

If we move to Google, how will the transition be handled?

Will everything migrate without retyping?

Have you considered Microsoft Docs synchronization with Google, which came out last week?

There's a very new tool from in Google that you can upload any Office Doc to.  Have you tested it?

How well does Google calendar integrate with a personal calendar?

Does Google Mail integrate with Google Calendar?

In Outlook calendar, you see all the people's blocks by hovering over them.  Does Google calendar do that?

Can we set up a prototype account in each department, so we can at least see other departments' calendars.

Will the email address change?

Is there a slow learning curve?

What are the privacy settings of Exchange vs. Google?

Does the calendar and document sharing process work between Google Ed and public Google accounts?

Will Outlook views and filters work the same in Google?

How does Google handle tasks?

In switching from Exchange to Google, how has the battery life changed?

The outside world that receives our email: Is it masked over or Google email?

Can I create reminders associated with e-mail that needs later follow-up?

Can I do mail merge?

Is there a limit on the depth of folders/labels in Google?