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Sandeep Mazumder

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University
Box 7505
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


Office Phone: (336) 758-4519

Office Location: Kirby Hall, 216

Curriculum Vitae 


Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Monetary Economics, Time-series Econometrics.


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"Inflation in Europe after the Great Recession," Under Review.

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"Measuring the Accuracy of Federal Reserve Forecasts," (with Lillian R. Gaeto) Under Review.

"The State of Macroeconomics," (with P.J. Glandon and C. Stroup) In Progress.

"The Quantity Theory and the Gold Standard." (with J.H. Wood) In Progress.


207: Intermediate Macroeconomics

209: Applied Econometrics

222: Monetary Theory and Policy

252: International Finance