Black Dragon Curls Around China's Heart

In 23rd century China the Black Dragon Militia controls one province and threatens all, so sons and daughters of old comrades must fight back. (A serial novel for beginning readers of Chinese. 600 character level.)

The Main Characters:

Mari Shirobane, student, daughter of a certain prominent golf course owner and manager in Japan -- one who is rumoured to have interesting world-wide connections.

Bruce Train, student, son of Vincent Kuguru Train and Fiona Kuguru Train, q.v.

General Huang, semi-retired field marshal of the Chinese Pacification Force. Currently he is permitted to attend relevant meetings in an advisory capacity, and he teaches at the University.

Mrs. Huang, wife of General Huang. She, too, had a long military career before retiring.

"Little" Lin, aide-de-campe to General Huang.

Vincent Kuguru Train. Long-time Command Judge Advocate in the World Peacekeeping Organization, and now its Adjutant General.

Fiona Kuguru Train. Specialist in epidemic control and biological warfare, World Health Organization.

Jagdeep Nagananda, head of World Security. His nickname is "Naga" (hooded cobra).

Please note that first tones are indicated by a high dash,
second tones are indicated by a high forward slash,
third tones are indicated by a raised circle (sorry about that),
and fourth tones are indicated by a raised back slash.

Episode 1 (A visitor brings tidings of great peril. ).

Episode 2 (continued) .

Episode 3 (continued) .

Episode 4 (Mari's Diary, 1).

Episode 5 (Mari's Diary, 2).

Episode 6 (Mari's Diary, 3).

Episode 7 (Mari's Diary, 4).

Episode 8 (Mari's Diary, 5).

Episode 9 (Mari's Diary, 9).

Episode 10 (Attack on the Homestead).

The freeware program, DimSum, is now available from Erik Peterson. Once you install it and get it running you can use it to view Episode 10 (which still does not have automatic look-up). You will need to access "settings" in DimSum, and then when that screen came up in Internet Explorer you will need to hit "save settings" before you can go back to DimSum and get it to operate correctly to view websites. Having completed those steps, just type or paste in the appropriate window in DimSum,and you should be able to see pop-up definitions. DimSum has provision for making either pop-up definitions or making definitions appear at the bottom of the screen, so you may need to set that choice correctly. Currently many compounds are missing from the definition used by DimSum, but it still should be helpful in viewing this story. Actually, you can even use it on earlier episodes and have both my definitions and DimSum definitions available.

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