Hanzi in Eudora Page

Che-fai AU (cfau@HK.Super.Net) has sent a very useful piece of information to the alt.chinese.computing newsgroup. He informs us that by securing a copy of Eudora Light, version 1.5.3 and by also securing something called "EudoraTables", it is possible to set yourself up so that you can send and also receive Hanzi transparently from within Eudora. I still do not know what limitations are involved, but has worked well for me thusfar.

If you do not have Eudora Light, you can get it for free from:


Use "Fetch" or some other method to get the EudoraTables from:


After you have converted the "hqx" file (with Stuffit or some other utility that allows you to transform hexadecimal files back to normal applications in binary number form), you should locate the "Eudora Folder" that Eudora itself created in your System Folder. You should put the EudoraTables file into that folder.

If Eudora does not seem to have taken cognizance of the new file you might have to reboot.

1. Go into Eudora, open your "in" mailbox, select any document, and then go into the Menu Bar and find "Message." Under "Message" find "Change," and under "Change" select "Transliteration." Under "Transliteration select "CH8bit --> Mac".

2. Open your "out" mailbox, select any document, and then go into the Menu Bar as before, except that this time you should select "Mac --> CH8bit.

3. Select a Chinese font from Eudora's font menu.

4. Go into "Special Settings", scroll down and find the "Sending Mail" menu. Uncheck "Fix curly quotes" and be sure that "May use Quoted-Printable" is checked.

Che-fai Au says that you need to hold down your Shift button while doing steps 1 and 2, but that does not seem to have any effect in my system.

Thanks to Che-fai Au, whose information I have passed on here.

  • Revised 960110