Study Abroad

Spring 2014- Zagreb, Croatia

I was fortunate enough to participate in a home stay program in Zagreb during my Senior year of high school. In this program, a group of students from my high school studied the modern identity of former Yugoslavian countries while our Croatian counterparts studied English.

Spring 2016- London, UK

During the Spring semester of 2016, I studied at the Wake Forest University Worrell House in London. I was there with the Theatre Department and saw over 30 shows. In addition to theatre, I was able to study British art, history and politics. In my free time in London, I volunteered in an NHS clinic which sparked my interest in health policy.

July 2016- European Health Economics Conference in Hamburg, Germany

The Wake Forest University Department of International Studies sponsored my attendance at the bi-annual European Health Economics Conference. The conference discussed various approached to improving quality and maintaining costs, while still offering healthcare to all citizens as all European countries do.

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