PHY 741 Quantum Mechanics

MWF 12 PM - 12:50 PM OPL 103

Instructor: Natalie Holzwarth Phone:758-5510 Office:300 OPL

General Information

This course is the first semester of a two semester survey of Quantum Mechanics at the graduate level, using the textbook: Principles of Quantum Mechanics (Second Edition) by R. Shankar (Springer, 1994).

It is likely that your grade for the course will depend upon the following factors:

Problem sets*


Computational project




*In general, there will a new assignment after each lecture, so that for optimal learning, it would be best to complete each assignment before the the next scheduled lecture. According to the honor system, all work submitted for grading purposes should represent the student's own best efforts.

Students should be confident that there is a contingency plan in place for continuing this class in the unlikely event of a major emergency. This plan includes the distribution of course materials by the web or by mail and the appropriate rescheduling of exams.
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