Nielsen's Articles on Father-Daughter Relationships & Shared Parenting


Shared residential custody: Review of the research
Journal of Divorce & Remarriage - fall, 2012, in press

Divorced fathers' relationships with their daughters: A review of research
Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, January, 2011

Undoing The Damage of Male Bashing: One Daughter At A Time - Dr. Nielsen's course
By Kathleen Parker, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist & newscaster, 2005

Strengthening Father-Daughter Relationships: The School's Role
PTA National Magazine, 2005

College Daughters' Relationships with Their Fathers: A Fifteen Year Study
College Student Journal, 2007, vol 41

Fathers & Daughters: A Needed Course in Family Studies
Marriage & Family Review , 2005, vol 38
The Craft of Teaching About Families, Haworth Press, 2005

Demeaning, Demoralizing & Disenfranchising Divorced Dads
Journal of Divorce & Remarriage
, 1999

Father & Daughters: Why a Course For College Students?
College Student Journal, 1999

Stepmothers: Why So Much Stress?
Journal of Divorce & Remarriage


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