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Pi = 3.141 5926 5358 9793 2384 6264 3383 2795 0288 4197 ....

Name: Reecer6
Email: <thing@otherthing.com>
Man, a fire I adore? Fantastic! So insane, karma can blast theories everywhen!

Name: Prethi John
Email: <preaknessj@hotmail.com>
Day I like, O happy wonderful pi heyday.

Name: Jane
Email: <hajy96@gmail.com>
Hey, I know a short professor in Brazil. Smart, but short. Students, merciless, taunted professor who, oh, was obsessed with height. He called, Gosh, the cop. Students got in trouble.

Name: Elly
Email: <hajy96@gmail.com>
Can I have a green asparagus?

Name: Bleepu
Email: <beetsomg!@aim.com>
Fat I want A crapy

Name: Darrah Hamlin
Email: <PrincessDarrah@Aol.com>
See a frog a small recording of animal kings and lives backyard untouched

Name: nicko
Email: <>
man i love a brave astronaut to answer email and texts blogging downloads

Name: Jaci
Email: <j-burton@socal.rr.com>
And, I know I would certainly be myself while she cries.

Name: Aaron
Email: <darkesthour9@gmail.com>
god I want a kitty

Name: Mike Rollins
Email: <rollins@wfu.edu>
3.41 I find a scant prototype. PI should equal 3.14

Name: charile456@yahoo.com
Email: <bigdaddy>

Name: Dee Clark
Email: <deeclark8997@yahoo.com>
Wax. I love a lunar luminance of waxing phase and shape, moonface appearing gibbous, hunchback, and as the swelling edge swings to expand left and the fraction lit is rightly maximized await. It enlarges entirely full. A sinistral brother, a waning, balancing, and mirroring continues for gibbous again. O, lunar shifting is unceasing. Quarter moon appearing half, next shape minimized to arc, becomes crescent, a sliver left. Seeing by moonward glance or assuming continued darkening, luminary absent or shadowed. New moon backward to earth. The wait is 1, 2 sunsets, unseen sunrise escorting moonrise to a full lunation. Returned waxing after a new, to crescent, an arc. Sunray lights moon quarter, increases the luminous part. More waxing, returning round again phase favorite to my eye, a gibbous or arced and solar illumined moon. Universe, I am grateful.

Name: Ed Handelsman
Email: <edhandelsman@aol.com>
You, a love I never conquered. Oh ailing heart, I'll never discover shameless thrills including, arm to arm entwined, love.

Name: John
Email: <quasbo@yahoo.com>
Yes, I have a large porcupine, by George! Large, but quite harmless: pointless, useless spaghetti!

Name: Georgette
Email: <glm3135@louisiana.edu>
Yes! I came 2 class. Georgette is loving, sweet, and smart.

Name: Jessica Rowens
Email: <none>
The 1 girl I loved extremely is really crazy and smart.

Name: Victoria
Email: <voila, my math project>
Now I have a buddy, Alexandra. We easily craft all major disaster including natural disasters. She is too humerous, plus polite in places. When she ate burritos, boy, we laughed raucously, since it provoked ultimate fill.

Email: <>
Now I wish I could carefully go travel south, but after sailboat traveling through Venezuela Bay we are hesitant. Once, before we sailed home our red sailboat was on illegal territory

Name: Mike
Email: <rollins@wfu.edu>
Now I have a scary sensation; My sanity fades.

Name: Sherry Ratliff
Email: <ratlifsk@wfu.edu>
Why I find a Piaku difficult is people doing the right outlines debunking working syllables.

Name: shane
Email: <won't allow any input beyond 27905028!>
For a grin, I would devastate or defeat, today, any idiot thinking otherwise. Feeling destroyed, you, to get composed, wait longer. It doesnt help you. You withdraw. Now it becomes agitation, hence to surrender

Name: James Proma Brennan
Email: <James_Proma_Brennan>
wow! I need a drink, alcoholic of course! After the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics! And it now requires four pushes an minute.

Email: <>

Name: EricSuen
Email: <suen_mrsuen@yahoo.com>
for a kiss i speak knowledge or wonder about her heart

Name: Eric Suen(i'm in seventh grade!!)
Email: <suen_mrsuen@yahoo.com>
For i know a crazy monologue to attain evil's past

Name: shane
Email: <thebigshane/at/gmail/com>
How I tell a story, expresses my touchy feely and takes precious substance. Wonders dilineate the ad hoc speeches that please my stupid self. But the question can be finally forgotten. Shane.

Name: Mike Ayuso
Email: <ayusomd@wfu.edu>
Run o bird, I shoot ostriches to quench needs for large wishbones!

Email: <>
But a girl I never neglected is coming apart

Name: Ron Smith
Email: <smithar@wfu.edu>
Wow, a file I found downloads, is zipped tight, and still launches WindowsXP

Name: Mike Rollins
Email: <rollins@wfu.edu>
The I that a world neglected to notice knows how peace resolves adversity

Email: <>
CAT! a meow, a growl loveingly at robert

Name: Mark Sonntag
Email: <sonntamr@wfu.edu>
For a dime I speak violently or wander about the green pastures elegantly washing catatonic fur.

Name: Mark sonntag
Email: <sonntamr@wfu.edu>
Now I sell a truck carefully to oblige James who makes everyone indulgent.

Name: Ron Smith
Email: <smithar@wfu.edu>
But I feel a force gathering to really shift our crazy paradigm

Name: Mike Rollins
Email: <rollins@wfu.edu>
Out a hole, a mouse scampered to gather bread for dinner

Name: Mike Rollins
Email: <rollins@wfu.edu>
Rob, I have a large evergreen to supply today for Grace Baptist's donations.