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My Jokes

Here are some jokes that I made up. I had a little help from my friends with some of these. They probably would not want to take any credit for their contributions.

Q: How do you tell if you have a crazy computer on your network?
A: ping locohost

  • A guy is shopping for a new cell phone. He sees someone with a really neat phone. He says, "Hey, dude, that is a cool phone. What kind of phone is that?" The man responds, "It's a Tele."

    Q: What do you call a lynch mob of 1,000 people?
    A: A Kiloperson.

    Q: Why did the mannequin cross the road?
    A: Because he fell over.

    Q: What is the most popular sport among squirrels?
    A: Extreme road crossing.

    Q: What do you call a crazy chicken dressed in a satanic outfit?
    A: Poultryguised.

    Q: Why does a fuel nozzle stink?
    A: Because it passes gas.

    Magnum PI

    Q: What do you call a computer that will not boot?
    A: Bootless.
    Click here to find the meaning of the rarely used word bootless.

    Q: What do you call a highly paid think-tank which has run out of ideas?
    A: Ex-pensive.

    Here are some other jokes that I have heard and find very funny:

    Q: What do you call Frankenstein's spit?
    A: It's s-aliv-a!

    Q: How do you make 7 even?
    A: Take away the s.

    Here are some "Rollinisms":

    Phlegm: It answers the age-old question, "What does lung taste like?"

    Squirrels aren't stupid, they just like the adrenaline rush.