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Toro Mower

This mower is older than I am. My dad used it before I was born. I believe this was the first mower I used. About three years ago, it was still run.

For many years, I have wanted to restore this mower. It is a tough mower with a Tecumseh engine. It a self propelled Toro frame. And, it was built to last. It even has grease fittings on the wheels.

Notice the gravity fuel pump.

I will need to replace the logo.

I don't know why front wheels don't extend out the same amount on both sides.

Here you can see the workings of the self-propelled system.
I took many photos along the way. I don't want to forget how to reassemble it.
I used Duplicolor Ford Red engine paint for the crankcase and the intake. Here is an example of the before and after of the intake pipe.

Can you see the subtle difference in appearance?

I used Duplicolor Black engine paint for other hot parts. Here is the crankcase and head.
Here are some of the other parts after painting.