Wake Forest University Number Theory Seminar

The picture above depicts the j-function.


The seminar meets from 4-5 pm on Wednesdays every other week (approximately). The seminar meets in Manchester 124. The dates for the fall 2019 seminar are below.

Date Speaker Title
Wednesday, 9/18 Abbey Bourdon Rational Torsion Points on CM Elliptic Curves
Wednesday, 10/2 Jeremy Rouse An introduction to Galois cohomology
Wednesday, 10/16 Lori Watson On the arithmetic of (some) families of curves
Wednesday, 10/30 Sebastian Pauli Enumerating Extensions of Local Fields
Wednesday, 11/13 Holly Paige Chaos and Alexis Newton Torsion for CM Elliptic Curves Defined over Number Fields of Degree 2p and Sums of two sixth powers
Wednesday, 12/4 Jenny Fuselier Hypergeometric functions over finite fields

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