Horizons Park Disc Golf

Horizons Park is located in northern Forsyth County in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. The park opened in 1981 and is home to the oldest permanent disc golf course in the state. The course was designed by Tom Monroe, and features DGA Mach II baskets. Built before the advent of bevel-edged discs, the course is extremely short by modern standards at a mere 3673 feet (I can remember playing the course with a Wham-O lid in 1982, and being overwhelmed by the distance!). Horizons offers stunning views of nearby Pilot and Sauratown Mountain. The course is home to the Horizons Park Classic, a PDGA event which routinely draws top pros such as Stan McDaniel and Larry Leonard. The Classic is in its 16th year, making it one of the oldest regular tournaments in the state.

Horizons has been described as a perfect beginner's course. Its short holes, ease of access, and mild terrain give novices a good taste of the sport. However, these same factors can make the course frustrating for the experienced player. On weekends, the course is swarming with families and children, most of whom are unaware of the potential danger of, for example, having a picnic on a fairway.

The short holes serve to "level the playing field" in tournaments. A gorilla arm is not required, so on any given day, an Am has a chance to shoot within a few strokes of a Pro. Tournament rounds of 17 under are not uncommon, and I have watched a casual round of 20 under.

For a patient disc golfer with time and some trashed discs, Horizons provides endless opportunities to introduce the sport to the general populace. I frequently hear new golfers comment that they had seen the baskets for years, but never knew what they were for. The PDGA Course Directory listing for Horizons Park is here.

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