Microscan Movie of Microcirculation

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Research Interests

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I am a Biophysicist. To find out more about biophysics: Biophysical Society

Main Goal: My research focuses on understanding how blood flow is regulated, particularloy by nitric oxide, nitrite and other nitrogen oxides. I rely on various forms of spectroscopy so I use light (including polarized light) to learn about biological structure and function.

Current interest: Study the effects of Nitric Oxide and Aggregation in biological systems, especially as it relates to diseases such as Sickle Cell Disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

Current Group Members

Swati Basu, Research Associate Professor

Laxman Poudel, Graduate Student Researcher

Ellie Alipour, Graduate Student

Sue Jiang, Research Technician

Martha Bragg, Undergraduate Student Researcher

Isabelle Alyskewycz, Undergraduate Student Researcher

Howard Shields, Emeritus Professor

Former Group Members

Virginia Lee Lockamy, Resident in medical Physics, U. Minn.

Tim Murphy, Medical Student, UNC

Dr. Kejing Chen, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Xiuli Xu, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Svetlana Aroutiounian

Dr. Zhi "James" Huang, National Institutes of Health

Bharat Gummadi, Medical Student

Christopher Kolibash, Medical Student, WVU

Shirley Domingo, Medical Student, Wake Forest

Courtney Mull, Medical Student, UNC - Chapel Hill

Sara Smith, Medical Student, Wake Forest

Dr. Srishailkumar Hadimani, Scientist, Process Development Sigma - Aldrich Fine Chemicals

Dr. Joe Louderback, Research Scientist-Engineer, KLA-Tencor Bryan Lusk, Medical Student, Wake Forest Rupen Amin, Medical Student, Wake Forest

W. Lyle Gravatt, Business Man

Brian Cinc, Stock Market Genius

Alan Poole, MD/PhD Program at U. Texas Southwestern

Mansi Goyal

Chaicharn "Chai" Luangkamthorn

Dr. Fouad Azizi, Wayne State University Medical School

Erin Lichtenstein, Actress

Cynthia Irby, National Institutes of Health-> UAB Medical school, Pictured at right

Leigh Hearne, Business Woman, pictured at left.

Matt Frazier, Radford College.

Dr. Adedoyin Adeyiga, NC A&T University.

Jess McKay, Physics High School Teacher

Man Cho

Olutoyin "Toyin" Okanlawon, Fulbright fellow

Dr. Kris Huang, WFUSM Medical Student

Jared Hill, Undergraduate Student

Rachel Maree, Yale School of Public Health

Kevin Berardinelli, Georgetown University

Dr. Mahesh Joshi, University of Florida

Atul Mehta, Medical School

Dr. Xiaojun"Jessica"He, Ticona

Dr. Jinming Huang, University of Arkansas

Elizabeth Gordon, USMC Medical School

Anne Jeffers, Sarstedt, Inc

Dr. Lanlan Lin, CrackerJack Professor, Chinese Academy of Science

Bradley Goetz, Medical School, U. Fl.

Pamela Wang, Graduate Student, Carnegie Melon

Dr. Tennille Presley, Assistant Professor, Winston-Salem State University

Natalia Azarova, Graduate Student, University of Colorado, Boulder

Pamela Wang, Graduate Student, Carnegie Melon

Michael Font, Teach for America

Ivan Azarov, Postdoc at U. Pittsburgh

Hannah Reynolds, Vetinerary/PhD program NCSU

Bradley Reuters, Former Undergraduate Student Researcher

Zaharo Tsekouras, Mycell Technologies

Maelys Amat, Former Undergraduate Student Researcher

Dr. Chen Liu, PhD, MBA, Life sciences consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners

Dr. Christine Helms, Assistant Professor of Physis at University of Richmond

Dr. Landon Bellavia, Assistant Professor at Findley University

Sean Cusano, Former Undergraduate Student Researcher

Martins Ayoola-Adeola, Former Undergraduate Student Researcher

Martus Gn, Former Undergraduate Student Researcher

Chris Keggi, Graduate Student University of Georgia

Madison Marvel, Medical Student Southern Illinois University

Chelsea Hopson,

Dr. Andrea Belanger, Licensing Associate, UT Dallas

Jack Janes, Superstar at Lockheed

Dr. Craig Clodfelterr

Pragna Shetty, Medical Student UNC Chapel Hill

Nadeem Wajih, Research Assistant Professor

Jacqueline Zhu, Undergraduate Student Researcher, then Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Crystal Bolden, Postdoctoral Researcher, The Ohio State University

Lauren Nelson, Biophysicist

Sam Brashears, Undergraduate Student Researcher

Andrew Barelli, Account Manager at Bloomberg

Fernando Rigal, Undergraduate Student Researcher, then UIUC

Daniel Griffin, M.D. Candidate at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute

Andreas Perlegas, Researcher Technician

Julien-Fabrice Momo, Medical Physics ECU

Madie Greer, Medical Student at Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Amy Xie, MD Candidate at the Ohio State University College of Medicine,

Emily Kim, University of Pennsylvania

Rakin Nasar, Masters Student in Anatomy and Neurobiology at Boston University

Chloe Harty, Undergraduate Student Researcher

Emily Foley, Undergraduate Student Researcher