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Population and Community Ecology  
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Silman Lab Members
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Miles Silman
Species diversity and distributions in Andean and Amazonian forests
  William Farfan Rios
Forest dynamics across an environmental gradient from the Andes to the Amazon
  Karina Garcia Cabrera
Seedling distribution along an Andean environmental gradient
Rachel Hillyer
Biotic interactions and the early life history of tropical trees.


Maxwell Messinger
Development of new methods to observe and characterize the structure, composition, and energy balance of forest canopy.
Noah Yavit
Ecosystem effects and carbon content of Amazonian bamboo-dominated forests 
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Forest dynamics
  Judit Huaman Ovalle
Seed phenology along an elevation gradient


  Alex Nina Quispe
Tree species distribution from the Andes to the Amazon
Luis Ynmunda
Head honcho for getting there and back