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The Tedford Cast of Characters


What a motley crew we are! Here are the particulars on the Tedford-Burroughs family and how you can reach us electronically:
Josie Tedford: Is a retired public school teacher and is enjoying being retired along with me. She is rediscovering her creative side with knitting, cooking and oragami!!
Jane Quinn: Josie's sister is also a retired school teacher and proud owner of the Heritage Theatre in WInston-Salem. She writes, produces and directs curriculum drama performances for school kids in Winston-Salem.
Patricia Burroughs Kutay: Josie's other sister is living in Carmel, CA with her husband Steve. They are currently trying to sell thier house and move back to the east coast, so if you know any home buyers int he Carmel area, let them know!!
Tommy Tedford: Harold's brother has retired from the Speech faculty at UNC-Greensboro and is currently editing his newest edition of his textbook  Freedom of Speech in the United States. He also has a small business going in political novelties.
Vivian Tedford: The eldest Tedford offspring is living in Oak Park, IL where she is a project manager for Galileo International, a computer company servicing the travel industry. She has a wonderful web page at so go visit her!
Beth Tedford:Is working in the University Bookstore at Wake Forest. She is an avid reader, collector of Star Wars memorabilia and a master cross-sticher (is that a word??).
Rosalind Tedford: Is an Information Technology Specialist in the ZSR Library at Wake Forest. She does computer training, web page design and various and sundry other things. Her web page (wedding info is included) is at
Patrick Morton: Will be the newest member of the Tedford clan come June 5, 1999 when he marries Roz. Patrick is the computing support specialist for the WFU Administration. He is also into historical reenacting and has a web page up at
Dane, Kris, Kaelyn and James Quinn: Dane is Jane's son and is a Mechanics professor at the University of Akron. His wife and two children are well represented on his homepage and are certainly worth a look!
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