Well, here I am.

And now that you have tumbled upon my home on the WWW, you should know something about me. I was born...but I digress. I am Harold C. Tedford, recently retired director of the Wake Forest University Theatre in Winston-Salem, NC. I have been at Wake Forest since 1965.

The son of a Southern Baptist preacher,  I was born in Clarksville, Arkansas and lived in various places in Arkansas growing up including Corning, Bentonville and Marion. I recieved my BA from Ouachita University in Arkadelphia, AK where I was a theatre major. It was at Ouachita that I met my lovely wife Jo Anne Burroughs who was also a theatre major. Although we did not date in college, after graduation I entered the Army and we began a courtship that culminated in a phone-call proposal that went something like this:

ME: "Hello, Josie - I just found out I am going to be stationed in Germany for two years and I want you to come with me. Will you marry me?"

JOSIE: "Sure, who is this?"

Anyway, we were married one month later on February 27, 1955 in Hope Arkansas, Josie's home town (also the home town of Bill Clinton, by the way). After a honeymoon in New Orleans, LA, I went to Germany with the Army and Josie followed in June of that year. We were stationed in Heilbronn, Germany for two years during which we did a good deal of European travel, an activity we enjoy to this day.

Upon our return to the United States, both Josie and I got MA degrees from the University of Arkansas. Josie got hers in Education and I got mine in, you guessed it, Theatre. While in Arkansas, our first dughter, Vivian Anne was born. After Arkansas, I went to Louisiana Statue University and got my PhD in Theatre. My first job after that was in San Marcos, TX at Southwest Texas State University. While in Texas, our second daughter Mary Elizabeth was born.

One day at a Theatre conference I was walking out on a presentation and met a professor of Speech and Theatre at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC named Frank Shirley. Over coffee he informed me that they had a position for a technical director and to make a long story short, I came to Winston-Salem with my family in 1965 and I have been here ever since. In 1968 our third and final daughter was born and we named her Rosalind Lee. From Technical Director I moved into the Director of the University Theatre job and there I remained until May 1998 when I retired. My retirement party was a blast, capped off by Vivian's reading of Pee Wee Harold's Playhouse.

To meet my crazy family in its entirety, go to the family page. To see the things that bring me most joy in this life (other than my family) go to my hobbies page!

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