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In the view above you are looking at the north flank of the Cathedral of St. Etienne in Auxerre, France. The oldest section of the existing building is its crypt, begun in the early eleventh century. In the first half of the thirteenth century a new chevet (the east end, left in the photo above) was erected above the crypt. Then, later in the century the bases of the west facade towers including three portals (far right of the bulding) were added. By 1300 the new west portals and the chevet remained connected to one another by the nave of the eleventh-century cathedral. Early in the fourteenth century the lower walls of the transept (the cross-volume, center in the photo) and nave (section to the right of the transept) were built. Construction continued slowly on the upper sections of the nave and transept through the later fourteenth century and into the fifteenth century. The north transept facade (center, above) is a product of the end of the fifteenth century. Finally, the northwest tower (right) and the upper sections of the west facade were erected between 1500 and the 1540s. The little cupola at the top of the spiral staircase on the summit of the western tower was designed in a classicizing, Renaissance mode.

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