Auxerre Cathedral Bibliography

The bibliography is a work-in-progress arranged in chronological order. This section is meant to be a listing of works in which the cathedral is a main subject.

Two fundamental resources for students of the cathedral are:

The medieval compilation of the lives of the Bishops of Auxerre, commonly referred to as Gesta Pontificum Autissiodorensium, Ms. 142 in the Bibliotheque municipale in Auxerre; available in edited and printed form in Bibliotheque historique de l'Yonne, vol. 1, Auxerre and Paris, 1850, 309-509. For a modern study, see Bouchard, Constance Brittain. Spirituality and Administration: The Role of the Bishop in Twelfth-Century Auxerre, Cambridge, MA, 1979.

Lebeuf, Jean. Memoires concernant l'histoire civile et ecclesiastique d'Auxerre et de son ancien diocese, Paris, 1743; available in a 4 volume edition prepared by A. Challe et M. Quantin, Auxerre and Paris, 1848.

Modern Studies

Poree, Charles. La cathedrale d'Auxerre, Paris, 1926.

Jantzen, Hans. Burgundische Gotik, Munich, 1948.

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Cassagnes, Jean Pierre, "Le portail Saint-Etienne, au bras sud du transept de la cathedrale d"Auxerre," Mémoire de Maitrise d'histoire de l'art du Moyen Age, Université de Bourgogne, 1996.  This interesting study relates the presence of the bosom of Abraham at the top of the south arm tympanum to the thought of Jean XXII.  Cassagnes argues for a date for the sculpture in the early 1330s.

Peindre à Auxerre, IXe-XIVe siècles; 10 ans de recherche à l'abbaye Saint-Germain d'Auxerre et à la cathédrale Saint-Etienne d'Auxerre, Auxerre and Paris CTHS, 1999.  The paintings in the cathedral crypt are discussed pp.223-263.

Histoire de Saint Etienne; la tenture de choeur de la cathédrale d'Auxerre, Auxerre, 2000.  Essays on the choir hanging made ca. 1500;   on St. Stephen;  on the patron, Bishop Jean Baillet; on the cathedral at the end of the Middle Ages (Titus); and on music and liturgy, especially the "fete des fous."

Titus, Harry B.  "Non-Destructive Sensing Projects beneath Auxerre Cathedral," Gesta, Vol XL/2 (2001), 181-188.

Chatain, Annaig, "Le programme iconographique du portail saint Germain de la cathédrale d'Auxerre," Mémoire de Maitrise, Université de Paris IV, La Sorbonne, 2003. This study confronts the very difficult problem of interpeting the iconography of the north transept arm portal sculpture. While the subject of the tympanum has long been recognized as events from the life of Saint Germain, the archivolt imagery normally has been passed over in silence. Ths study attempts to interpret and situate the iconography of the archivolts as a function of episcopal authority, complementing the Saint Germain focus of the portal.

Knop, Ulrich, "Histoire de la restauration du choeur de la cathédrale Saint-Etienne d'Auxerre," Thèse de doctorat, Institut d'Histoire de l'Architecture de l'Université de Stuttgart, 2003. This study provides an exhaustive list of documented repairs and renovations made to the cathedral chevet over time.

Sapin, Christian, dir. Centre d'Etudes médiévales, Auxerre. Saint-Etienne d'Auxerre; la seconde vie d'une cathédrale, Paris 2011. A comprehensive study of projects carried out between 2003 and 2010 during the time that the bulding was being consolidated.

Titus, Harry B. "Vaulting Issues at Saint-Etienne, Auxerre, in R. Bork, W. Clark, A. McGehee, eds., Ashgate, 2011. A summary of a project to study the morphology of the cathedral's vaults.