High Performance Computing @

Wake Forest University

HPC Research

My front door to HPC was through Research. The aspect of computational sciences and engineering, with the combination of math and coding, became the perfect storm.

HPC Administration

The big component of my job is to administer the DEAC Cluster. It is a new frontier which has enabled me to learn new things behind the curtains of a HPC cluster.

HPC Projects

To enable oneself in HPC is through different projects. I once heard "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to start in order to be great" -- Same in HPC

What's going on this Spring

Intro. to CS Course

Covering CSC 111 class as an intro to Computer Science. JAVA will be the weapon of choice.

Modeling DEAC's Hardware

Special topics continuation of this Spring semester. Benchmarking & modeling all hardware

Machine Learning to Gloria

The start of applying Machine Learning to the Gloria Project models using R.

Modernizing Code

Great challenge in modernizing code! Basic baby steps and trying not to break things.... Starting off with the VDW Energy functions

"My other computer is a cluster"

Distributed Environment for Academic Computing (DEAC)