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Irish Poetry | Anthologies

The Wake Forest Series of Irish Poetry, volume 2

What does it mean to be an Irish poet? Each of the five poets included in
this volume— Seán Lysaght, Moya Cannon, Thomas McCarthy, John F. Deane,
and Máire Mhac an tSaoi—provides a distinctive answer to this question.
Like the first volume of /The Wake Forest Series of Irish Poetry/, the
second volume introduces poets of varying ages and regions to a North
American audience, showing through the eyes of contemporary poets what
Ireland is like and how it is changing.

$17.95   ISBN 978-1-930630-47-5

Praise for the first volume in the Series:

"Given the number of twentieth-century Irish poets who are household names (Yeats, Kavanagh, MacNeice, Heaney), it's a wonder that later generations aren't tongue-tied or at least deterred. ... I have the work of living poets in front of me to say it isn't so." Sewanee Review

"Wake Forest ... has always been a pioneer--almost the pioneer--in introducing new Irish poetry to American readers. it will be interesting to see which poets from ireland's standing army the press decides to present next." Poetry Ireland Review

"A superb introduction to contemporary Irish poetry." Wisconsin Bookwatch

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