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Irish Poetry

Ciaran Carson - First Language (clothbound)

Winner of the first T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize for the outstanding book of poetry published in Britain and Ireland in the previous year.

"Ciaran Carson's First Language is a spectacular collection…If you buy only one poetry book…this year, make sure it's this one." Gerald Dawe, The Irish Times


Unparalysed, the robot bomb-disposal expert inched and
tacked across the mezzanine
As casually as someone to be barbered sits relaxing with a

It was using 'deep creep' and 'infinite hair', conversing in its
base-of-two conundrum.
Its chips were bugged like all the toasters in the apparatchniks'

Turnbull twiddled with the radio controls. He twitched his
robots' claws.
He felt the Mobile Ordinance Disposal Unit index through its
dictionary of clues.

Umbilical, he was in the waiting room. Barberlike, he opened
up his case of instruments.
He was beckoned by the realms of Nod. He entered in with
incense and Byzantine vestments.

The smart bomb got the message and intoned the right
liturgical analysis.
Latinate, they swapped explosive bits and pieces; they re-
emerged in Nemesis.

1994     80 pages
ISBN13 978-0-916390-61-7

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