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Irish Poetry | Rare & Collectible

Michael Longley - Poems 1963-1983 (paperback, rare & collectible)

"In addition to Longley's impeccable poetic craftmanship, there is a gratifying unity of voice and theme throughout these 142 poems.  The voice is reticent, given to precise description, hesitant assertion.  The themese includes islands, weather, birds, love, home, and modern violence." Charles O'Neill, Spirit

"Longley's compassionate perception of his modern world is deftly embodied in a lucid, restrained elegance.  This is an achieved and appealing collection, suited to a wide readership." Choice

"An intrepid Irish poet.... To read these forty-three undated poems is to admire the virtual absence of solecism.  To realize that they were conceived and shaped over a period of seventeen years is to appreciate the struggle which must have accompanied and determined the lyric force and the fearless compassion that together define Longley's poetic profile." Vernon Young, Parnassus


1987   206 pages
First edition
ISBN 978-0-916390-28-0

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