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Irish Poetry

Medbh McGuckian - Captain Lavender (paperback)

Captain Lavender represents a new stage in the growth of one of our most original and honest writers, one who can claim courageously, "meanwhile is my anchor."

McGuckian's "lines may be thought to take a stage further the possibilities for a contemporary women's writing opened up by Sylvia Plath in her Ariel poems." Neil Corcoran, English Poetry Since 1940

Poem from Captain Lavender (1995) by Medbh McGuckian

Captain Lavender

Night-hours. The edge of a fuller moon
waits among the interlocking patterns
of a flier's sky.

Sperm names, ovum names, push inside
each other. We are half-taught
our real names, from other lives.

Emphasise your eyes. Be my flare-
path, my uncold begetter,
my air-minded bird-sense.

1995   83 pages
ISBN 978-0-916390-66-2

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