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Irish Poetry

Medbh McGuckian - Marconi's Cottage (paperback)

In the deft and mysterious poems of Marconi's Cottage, McGuckian evokes the uncanny presence of a muse whose "unseduceable two rows of small black doors" hinge life and death, the two sides of a single page, views from a room that faces in and out.

"[L]ike Dickinson, whose own deceptively tidy stanzas McGuckian's rather recall…McGuckian experiences the usual as unusual, the unusual as exotic and perilous. McGuckian's poems are discontinuous, eagerly digressive, open-ended, riddled with enigma, fluid as dreams….Living from moment to moment, flouting logical sequence and mimesis, they constitute a poetry of motion and transformation." Stephen Yenser, Poetry

1992   112 pages
ISBN 978-0-916390-51-8

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