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Irish Poetry | Anthologies

The Wake Forest Series of Irish Poetry, Volume I

The Wake Forest Series of Irish Poetry, Volume 1 is a representative anthology meant to introduce to a broader audience a number of Irish poets, some young, some in their prime, who have not appeared widely before in North America. From the burgeoning economic realities of the 'Celtic Tiger' to the burden of religious and political realignment, from urban scenes to historical landscapes, these poets sensitively record the effects of writing in a society that has shifted dramatically in the last decades; however, they do not write solely from historical or social contexts, but also out of psychological compulsions or in a mythic mode. Whatever their subject, they write with an awareness of the formal traditions and tensions of Irish poetry.

2005   232 pages
Edited and with an introduction by Jefferson Holdridge
ISBN 978-1-930630-20-8

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