M. Stanley Whitley, Ph.D.


1. Books
    1978 Generative Phonology Workbook, University of Wisconsin Press.
     1981 Puntos de Partida (with Knorre, Dorwick, Ferrán, Lusetti, Ratliff), Random House.
     1982 Living in the States (functional/notional ESL text for the WFU Intensive English Institute).

     1986 Spanish/English Contrasts: A Course in Spanish Linguistics, Georgetown University Press.
000 Gramática para la composición, with Luis González, Georgetown University Press, with Instructor’s Manual.
     2002 Spanish/English Contrasts, 2nd edition (expanded and updated), Georgetown University Press.

     2003 The Phonicon: A multimedia digital encyclopedia of the sounds of the world's languages. CD-ROM, SIL International
     2004 Pronouncing English: A Stress-Based Approach, with Richard Teschner, Georgetown University Press.

2010 (forthcoming, with Pat Lunn) Teaching Spanish with Pictures: How to Use William Bull's Visual Grammar of Spanish. Georgetown University Press.
2. Articles
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3. Review Articles
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4. Presentations
     1976 “The Defining Properties of Language,” WVU Faculty Group on Communication.
     1976 “Applied Linguistics and the Teaching of Spanish Verbs,” West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association.
     1977 “Person and Number,” WVU Philological Society.
     1977 “Rule Reordering, o sea  ¿Tiene el idioma un espíritu?” Seventh Linguistics Symposium on the Romance Languages, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
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     1995 “Learning to Narrate: The Pedagogical Value of Indirect Discourse,” 10/14/1995 Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC.
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     2000 “The Acquisition of Narration with Computer-based Visual Organizers,” 8/5/2000, AATSP at San Juan, Puerto Rico.

     2000 Workshop on use of technology in teaching a foreign language, Villanova University, 11/10/2000.
     2001 “Opposite Phonologies: A Parameter of Rhythm in Germanic and Romance,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, UNC-Wilmington, 10/12/2001.
     2002 “Derivational morphology in L2: Where do students come up with these words?”, Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Furman University, 10/10/2002.
     2003 “Syntactic errors in the Spanish of Advanced Learners,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, College of Charleston, 10/10/2003.

     2004 “Verb + Verb in the Spanish of Advanced Learners,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 10/16/2004.
     2006 “L2 Acquisition of Relative Clauses – Evidence from Advanced Interlanguage,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, James Madison University, 10/13/2006.
     2007 Two invited talks and consultation at Temple University, series: Second Language Learners’ Interlanguage: An Abundance of Data, a Paucity of Application): “Error Analysis vs. the Canon” (3/22/07), “Contrastive Analysis vs. the Canon (3/23/07).
     2007 “Publishing in the Field of Pedagogy,” presentation to WFU Teaching & Learning Center, 4/10/07.
     2007 “The History of Gustar vs. Like: A Diachronic Contrastive Analysis,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Virginia Tech University, 10/12/2007.
     2008 “Spanish for Teachers: La lingüística aplicada de William Bull,” American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, San José, Costa Rica. 7/8/2008
     2008. “The History of the ___ Language Course: Its Value and Challenges,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, UNC-Wilmington, 10/11/2008.
     2009. “Spanish/English Onomatopoeia: Lessons in Contrastive Phonology,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Furman University, 10/9/2009.
     2009. Seminario de gramática contrastiva. Invited lecture (“The Analysis of Errors”, 2 hrs.) and invited workshop (“Análisis contrastivo ingles/español: problemas gramaticales”, 8 hrs.), sole speaker at both. Nov. 25-27, Universidad de Sevilla, sponsored by CIEE.
     2010. “Rhythm as a parameter in the analysis and teaching of phonology,” and “Onomatopoeia as phonological evidence,” keynote papers at English Phonetic Society of Japan, Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomiya, 6/26/2010.
     2010. “Why is /nait/ spelled “night”? A lesson on the difference between English pronunciation and spelling. (And how it got that way.)”, talk to Senshuu University, Tōkyō, 6/29/2010.

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