ABC Soup

ACS Academic Computing Specialists (13 for the College + 1 Babcock)
ATG Advanced Technology Group
BOT Board of Trustees
CELI Computer-Enhanced Learning Initiative (6)
CIT Committee on Information Technology
IS Information Systems (~82)
ISSC Information Systems Support Center (Help Desk)
ITC Information Technology Center (Library)
P2000/A2000 Wake Forest Undergraduate Plan (The Plan for the Class 2000/Access 2000)
PPI Productivity Point
RTA Resident Technology Advisors (~20)
STARS Student Technology AdvisoRS (~50)
TLC Teaching and Learning Center
WSFCS Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
WFUSM/BGSM WFU (Bowman Gray) School of Medicine (Hawthorne campus)
ICCEL International Center for Computer Enhanced Learning
6000+ (Reynolda ~3600+) students
1000+ (Reynolda ~300+) faculty
4700+ (Reynolda ~?+) employees
7600+ computer
30,000+ Ethernet jacks

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