Create epub documents using Adobe

Sign in to with your Adobe ID (it got the annoying limitation of 5 PDFs with the free account, it is understandable they want to make money and make you upgrade to unlimited PDF in Basic ($14.99/month, 5-person web conferencing) or Plus ($39/month, 20-person web conferencing), seriously - Basic is free, Plus cost money, maybe, not exactly sure how they want to compete with Google and Microsoft with the current pricing.)

create a new bussword document.

As far as I can tell, it is western characters only at this point with the 7 fonts they provided. It won't accept CJK, they still write programs that are not unicode? Oh well.

See for yadi-yada "explanation". It doesn't matter what the excuse is - too slow, too much RAM, licensing, whatever, it is not working, it is not working. (they are not the only one though, same goes for Amazon Kindle)

Document| Export. Thank goodness it is not a ribbon button like Office 2007/2010/Windows 7, it is a menu.

choose .epub

to test it, put it in a web site. Let's say you want to read it in Stanza (on an iPod Touch in this example)

go to downloads

click the '+' in collection screen

type in the URL

it will show up in Titles

that's it.