Adobe Premiere Elements 9


New Features

File based camera support

Facebook, sharing

need to go through Organizer? (Flickr also)

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flash based?

crash on me during compiling media 99%

Fix audio problem easily

background noise, volume, but clarity?

Professional Flair?

cartoon style is professional? some only for plus


DVD burning (Blu-Ray can only burn direct to disc, not to folder?) and media conversion builtin, no need to switch to Encore and Adobe Media Converter


slowwwww sometimes (especial on first run and create new), you will see that barber shop spinning no-progress bar a lot

UI changes - bin (called project) on right, create new UCL, bar and tone there instead from menu (why obsessions with those "non-standard" elements recently? splash home screen open project button is like that too, it is a popup menu.). effects not a palette, use edit button. some windows are popup, not dockable?

multiple downloads for full content. i guess that is a good thing for some, don't have to download SD or HD or any extra if you don't need them.

MPEG2 and MPEG4 SP components need activations

Youtube, - have to download share online profiles on first use, not preloaded, store in user appdata, not system .epr, why? - Pr CS4 only has up to 720p, PrE 9 has 1440 and 1080 (not sure why the filename of the 1080 .epr is under Flash instead of H.264. the xml file is unreadable, things like codec and bitrates are in codes, not plain text). No advance button to see exact settings or change?

Nice (or annoying if you use it alot) warning about copyright materials.

iPod presets (1st - 3rd generation iPod touch, 4th generation can play 720p H.264) make no sense, high quality 640x480 H.264 128kbps AAC, medium quality 320x240 H.264 but 160 kbps AAC? why?

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Plus membership - annoying upsale. sounds like Pinnacle Video Studio now.

Cannot cross fade channel with still and channel with video like regular (professional) Premiere just dropping transition onto clip, have to right click on still to fade. or edit effects to get to setting panel, or use anchor points

Using instant movie themes locks the timeline? cannot change where effects come in? (only random?)

(background - 2008 Beijing Olympic song)

AVCHD LITE? 720p24/30/60, non-Lite if 1080i? no 1080p (not in HDV either)

not Adobe problem - Intel Sandy Bridge media SDK QuickSync encoder acceleration plugin - i think i followed the instruction correctly, got nothing shows up in preset


Corel VideoStudio X4 Pro (formerly Ulead. and the new non-sense URLs)/Digital Studio 2010 VideoStudio Express-,

(Avid) Pinnacle Studio

Sony Creative Vegas

Cyberlink Power Director

Roxio various products

Acrsoft various products,

Magix various products

Movavi various products

Not sure i should include it, it is so worthless with the new 2011 version (no timeline, transition only on end, no narration, even worse than version 2.6. as usually, easy of use blah blah blah BS)

and of course iMoview for Mac OS, iOS (iPhone), iOS (iPad)

may be even FCP X if it is so dumb down that it sends people back to Avid (at least it is cheaper, not like previous years (at least for academic versions, went up like $200 each of last 2 upgrades?)!5793175/why-final-cut-pro-x-is-sending-me-back-to-avid





Cinefx (formerly known as Jahshaka)





VideoLAN Movie Creator VLMC

Open Shot

Open Movie Editor