Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated: May 20, 2015 5:20 PM

First published: April 17, 2015


announced : 2014/08/20



Right click

first thing first - set up secondary click (or just get a not too expenisve non-magical mouse with more than one button, forget about the sillness of control-click)


create new ones or migrate with wizard

options for startup view and shutdown

got to remember how to release/free cursor - Ctrl+Alt (don't need it with tools, move seemlessly in Windows 8.1) - if you are used to VMware, it is different ...

control center

coherence, modality and full screen views

coherence need shared applications setting. the screen a bit messed up in Windows 10 preview, another process can't close try to shutdown.

modality - can make window transparent

not sure those modes help or not - do you really need to make them that integrated (title in Mac title bar etc.) unless you use the Windows app a lot? occasionally going in VM to do something not in OS X, more trouble and confusion than they worth.

keyboard keys you don't have are in toolbar

what to do when new external device plug in - MT1806 (not sure what that number is from) is a Samsung (TSSTCORP) SB-218BB TS-01 slim USB DVD

UX - Huh?

don't you hate that when computer tell you what you need and what you don't? - who decides "what's non-essential"? shouldn't the UI ask "Do you want to ...."?

Message on top of Message ... ...

even entered powersave mode may give you 3 more new notifications

don't do stuff too fast, screen shot may fail



Windows 8.1

can do 2560x1600

scaling slider doesn't work, use the radio buttons

Windows 10

only wizard's "productivity" settings uses 1GB RAM, the other three - Design, Software Development, Games all set to 12GB

display - up to 2048x1536


extra host process app running, can be seen in dock


tools install failed - GUI or text mode (same for Fedora with kernel 3.19.x?)


need accessibility?


the screen messed up in the language selection screen

then you need internet access - for license ??? pick up VPP & configuration from host UID?


4 (experimental) how to shutdown? no 5.x?



IE test environment

appliance - 60 day trial

Access Agent


crashed, didn't started one time (and took out wireless too?)

cannot logout, lose menu

have to force quit