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First published: Nov 6, 2011

wireless microphone


Sony WCS-999

(not available from sony anymore. only Bluetooth ECM-AW3 and 300 ft. Active Interface Shoe ECM-HW2)

Sony Professional UWP-C1 -
ITX-B1 transmitter,
UHX-P1 diversity tuner (discontinued, replaced with v1 and v2)

Azden 400 UDR

41BT transmitter (discontinued, only has smaller 300, and 500UDR)

Audio-Technica freeway 700 -
ATW-R700 receiver
ATW-T701 UniPak body-pack transmitter
ATW-701/H PRO 92cW headworn mic

Samson AirLine 77 QV10e N2 (mic DOA) Logitech Wireless Headset H760
battery on transmitter AA 20 hours 2 AA 6 hours 9V 6-0 hours 2x AA
8 hours (high) 10 hours(low)
AA hours? internal Li-ion, 6 hours, 2.5 hours or less
battery on receiver AA 20 hours 2 AA 6 hours 1.5V AAx4 or 12V DC (9~12V 220mA) AC AC N/A - USB adapter
transmitter weight 3.0 oz w/ battery 5 oz. with Battery 92 g w/o battery 2.8 oz    
reciever weight 3.1 oz w/ battery 6 oz including batteries 700g w/ antennas and battery 12.9 oz    
mic lapel lapel lavalier, windscreen lapel headworn over ear, windscreen headworn over ear, windscreen  
polar pattern Omni-directional Omni-directional  

omnidirectional condenser element 60 dB 20Hz-20kHz

4.0g mic and boom, 24.0 g w/ connector+cable

mic connector 3.5 mm mono

3.5mm stereo lockable

-60 dBV to -39 dBV input

3.5 mm 4-pin locking (includes a mono lapel also?)

-10dBm mic, + 7 dBm MP-1 (require factory gain setting for instrument)

4-pin locking A-T termination    
output 3.5 mm mono fixed cable

3.5mm (1/8") stereo Mini-Plug, unbalanced

0 to 21, in 3-dB step attenuation

1.0% or less distortion

50 μs pre-emphasis

±5 kHz reference deviation

60 dB S/N

32kHz tone signal

balanced XLR

<1% distortion

50 μs pre-emphasis

100 dB dynamic range

95 dB S/N

32.768kHz tone squelch frequency

15 mW

2,2kΩ (mic) 680 kΩ (MP-1)

mono ¼” TS phono unbalanced 211mV

XLRM balanced 150 mV

XLR or ¼” unbalanced phono no control. kind of low if record in audacity, almost impossible to go over -6dB at normal level. automatic AGC? seem too agressive
output cable permanent mini mono? stereo mini to XLRM-BMP adapter cable     phono to phono included  
mic/line level out





    adjustable -20/-40 dB toggle  
output level adjust

-55.2 ±4dBm (0dBm=1mW/Pa,1.000 Hz)

-46.6 ±4dB (0dBm=1V/Pa,1.000 Hz)

-58 dBm


15 dBμ squelch level


m/2 range

XLR: ctr - 58dB, min -82dB, max -42dB

600Ω, DEV ±5kHz

Phone: ctr - 10dB, min -75dB, max 0dB

33Ω impedance , DEV ±5kHz







dial in back of receiver

need special included screwdriver on transmitter

large dial in front. of receiver

undocumentated gain in transmitter under battery cover (need special included screwdriver)

monitor port 3.5 mm

3.5mm (1/8") stereo Mini-Plug, unbalanced with Variable Level

5mW 16 Ω

RF meter         multisegment  
audio level       max LED only multisegment  
antenna None external. SAW resonator oscillator

dual 1/4 λ Wave Wire

space diversity


super heterodyne

dual detachable

space diversity

70 dB image rejection

better than 16 dBμV reception sensitivity

±150kHz reception selectivity


dual dual  
mic mix input yes          
frequency response 100 Hz - 15 kHz 50 Hz to 18 kHz 40 Hz - 15 kHz + 3d 100 Hz - 12 kHz    
range 150' in theory   100m ideal condition     40'

3 position slider switch

914.400 MHz

U66 - 69, 782.125-805.875MHz

30 mw or 5 mW RF

24 MHz BW band



8 UHF channels FM modulation

542.125 - TV channel 26
551.500 - TV channel 27
557.875 - TV channel 28
560.500 - TV channel 29

need specify which one to purchase

N1 642.375 MHz
N2 642.875 MHz
N3 644.125 MHz
N4 644.750 MHz
N5 645.500 MHz
N6 645.750 MHz

2.4 GHz RF

microphone stand adapter

shoe mount adapter

holder clip