Avivo T60 results

Lenovo's current driver for T60 is only at Catalyst 6.4 level

c6.5 = v8.252 http://www2.ati.com/relnotes/catalyst_65_release_notes.html
c6.4 = v8.241
c6.3 = v8.231
c6.2 = v8.221
c6.1 = v8.205

You have to download the encoder portion from ATI. Since there is a leech filter on their Akamai host, can't link directly. Go to previous driver section to get the c6.4 version. (And the package will install as parent control_encoder, just keep clicking next, I don't think it is censoring anything.)

Instruction on how to use the ATI Avivo converter is at <https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&questionID=21793>

Info at <http://www.ati.com/technology/avivo/technology.html>

Avivo on our 128MB X1400 with the T60 T2400 (1.83GHz), 5400 rpm Fujitsu SATA drive
to convert 1800 frames type 2 DV-AVI to these format

DVD 6.00 Mbps 17s 60s Premiere Pro 2.0's Adobe Media Encoder 7Mbps CBR PCM DVD mux
Sony portable gaming device (PSP) 0.45 Mbps mp4 15s 50s Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus
iPod 0.45 Mbps mp4 13s 55s Apple QuickTime Player Pro 7.1 (320x240) m4v default
MPEG-4 (DivX Compatible) 2.90Mbps mpg 19s 88s DivX converter codec portable Profile
Portable Media Center 0.67 Mbps wmv 10s 48s Microsoft Movie Maker 2 WMV PocketPC full screen 218kbps
Windows Media Video 2.90 Mbps 18s 180s Windows Media Encoder 9 2Mbps CBR 2 pass
Video CD 1.15 Mbps 13s 93s Intervideo WinDVD Creator 3.0
MPEG-1 6.32 Mbps 25s 53s Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus
Super Video CD 2.00 Mbps 18s 100s Intervideo WinDVD Creator 3.0
MPEG-2 6.21 Mbps 24s 58s Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus

Last Updated : June 21, 2006