ATG 2022 - Introduction to Digital Video Editing

(with Ulead Video Studio 6.0)

May 2002

Handout (PDF, 3.90 MB)

Instructor PowerPoint slides (PDF, 2.73 MB)

Table of Contents

1. Tasks
2. Installation
 2.1 Courseware CD
 2.2 System Requirement
 2.3 Video Studio
 2.4 Class Materials
3 Introduction
 3.1 5 Steps of Video
 3.2 Gotchas
  3.1.1 Pc Health
  3.1.2 NTSC Color
  3.1.3 Interlace video
  3.1.4 Video Noise
4 User Experience
 4.1 8 Tabs
  4.1.1 Start
  4.1.2 Capture VideoStudio 6.0 specific potential capture problems Additional Settings Batch mode
 4.1.3 Storyboard Preview Video Studio 6.0 specific potential Trimmed Video problems Filter tab Export Options
 4.1.4 Effect
 4.1.5 Overlay
 4.1.6 Title Safe Zones
 4.1.7 Audio
 4.1.8 Finish
5 References

** Selected content (see PDF file for full content)

1. Tasks

2. Installation

2.1 Courseware CD

Pick one of the 4 class material CDs
CD1 - East Asian Studies/Health & Exercise
CD2 - Foreign Studies/Astronomy
CD3 - Science
CD4 - Atmospheric Studies/Geography

2.2 System requirements

2.3 Video Studio

Install ULead Video Studio 6.0 if you do not have one installed already.
(* It is OK if you have version 4.0/5.0 (various SE, VE, retail, DVD edition), the features added in the latest version are not very important for this workshop.)

(* Culpeper participants would have a copy of it on yours CD)
(* for the others, there is a 30-day trial version on the CD if you don't have version 4/5/6)

Insert the class CD into your Thinkpad
Double click My computer
Double click D:
Double click the folder UVS6_E
Double click Setup.exe

The manual is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format on the CD also.

(* Culpeper participants - Your SN is in a text file called vs6sn-culpeper.txt on the CD)

* Choose Both NTSC and PAL standards if you will be dealing with videos from Europe/Hong Kong etc.

* uncheck all the options, not all the options are on the class CD. (they don't fit. Ask your instructor after workshop if you need them)

2.4 Class material

If you have enough disk space, it is best if you copy all the 4 files in the video folder onto your hard drive.

The materials have not been tested to run directly off CD-ROM.

3 Introduction

This is not really a class about Video Studio, you can do the same thing in other video editors.

3.1 5 steps of video

(* PDF file of ATG 2021 can be downloaded from

5. Refereneces

Ulead Video Studio

Misc. IEEE1394/Firewire gear (card, hard drives)

Adobe Digital Video products

Interlace, progressive, field dominance, upper/lower, A/B, 1/2, odd/even mess (a google search on those words would yield a lot more links)

Alternate MPEG encoder - TMPGenc (Plus version with MPEG-2 $48)

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