Adobe Media Encoder's (AME) Apple QuickTime H.264 bitrate problem

You may experience problem creating QuickTime 1920x1080 files with H.264 codec with the correct bitrate from HDV files.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS2

QuickTime 7.2

The files you created may become 96 mbits/seconds whether you set the bitrate to 6Mbps, 7.680Mbps or 76.80Mbps.

QuickTime 7.1.6

the bitrate does change, just not the same as what you set.

AME setting vs actual bitrate
AME set to (kbps) QT 7.1.6 reports /s QT 7.2 reports mbits/sec
6,000 293.2 KB 2.31
7,680 578.74 KB 4.74
20,000 581.20 KB 4.76
 40,000 786 KB 6.45
80,000 1.49 MB 12.51
144,000 2.65 MB 22.31

Export Movie

The alternative of using the Export movie as QuickTime is even worse. Since you cannot set bitrate in that dialog box, it creates files that are 109Mbps.

Pr export movie to QT H.264 no data rate setting

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

QuickTime 7.2

It does a little better in the newer version. Setting bitrate at 7680kbps gives you 9.28Mbps

Pr CS3 AME settings