Adding Asian IME (Chinese and Japanese) on WFU's 2009-2010 Lenovo ThinkPad T400 running Windows Vista and Office 2007

1. Go to "Control Panel" and select "Regional and Language Options" applet.


2. Go to "keyboards and Languages" tab. Click "Change keyboards ..." button.

3. Choose Add button.

For Chinese - expand the section "Chinese (Simplified, PRC)" [even it said Simplified, it is ok, you can type Traditional Chinese using this IME] and check the box "Microsoft Pinyin IME 2007"; For Japanese - expand "Japanese (Japan)" and check "Microsoft Office IME 2007", click ok and ok again to close the control panel applet.

You should have a language that let you switch between English and Chinese/Japanese. (Becareful about hitting left shift + left alt keys at the same time e.g. in selecting vertical text in Microsoft Word, it will switch language with that key combination)

4. In the Chinese language bar drop down option menu, you can add a buttom that let you choose which character set to use, by default is both traditional and simplified.

5. In the Japanese languagebar, when you switch, you will get a confirmation dialog box.

the wording is wrong in that box, it meant changing "default input to japanese" not "default japanese input to japanese ime 2007"as implied. So, choose no, otherwise, default will no longer be English.) You can change input options in the dropdown menus to choose Hiragana or Katakana.

6. Handwriting recognition and character lookup by radical/strokes with IME Pad

7. Tablet PC Input Panel

Alternatively, you can use TIP to do handwriting recognition isntead. Do a search for "Input Panel" in start menu will show you the applet.

rollover the area below the character would give you different candidates

two different dropdowns areas in japanese


8. Candidates list

In chinese input, click the arrows on the right to see more candidates

in Japanese, click the double arrow on the bottom of the list to see more options

9. Properties

If you go to the control panel, region applet, you can change the properties of each IME there.