Microsoft Office Word 2007 Endnote and Cross-reference

References | Footnotes | Insert Endnote

change default numbering from i. ii. to 1. 2. It is in the flyout of course, isn't that obvious - no. What's the keyboard shortcut for that?

Change the separator also, it is ingenious. No, you can't do it in Print Layout mode, why? Switch to Draft. (Ctrl-Alt-N for "Normal, that's what it used to be called, why change? beat me.)

Do a Show Notes, why again? How do you ever figure that out if you didn't know in advance. (you can use Word 2003 shortcut, but how can you find what that is? particularly it won't show you in Alt mode (to show shortcut keys). Answer - Alt-V, F, View menu|Footnote window - but that's too old fashion, who wants a pull down menu system)

References | Captions | Cross-reference (why it is under caption group is beyond me, but so is the whole non-configurable ribbon productivity gain and easy of use non-sense despite what supposedly their extensive UI researches (Anyone know where Microsoft publish those result? other than the blogs praising how much work they did on it) shown. Same thing could be done in traditional menu, toolbar easier for most users.)

now you are back to the old style pop up dialog box. Don't even bother to click on that "?" It is completely useless, wasn't even context sensitive.

if you move the references, need to update the field (supposed to update automatically on open?), select the field code. F9.

or use context menu.(hopefully no spelling/grammar error, otherwise you may get a different menu), there is no popup/rollover/tooltip menu since it is a hyperlink.

Edit field will let you see all the underneath goodies

why it need a separate field codes? plenty of empty space on that property sheet already.

more popup dialog box for options.

and tabs.

And there is more as they say in as seen on TV informercials. Wait till you get to Home tab, Styles group, flyout if you want to manage the style. Have you try to tell the user how to do all these over the phone? (I don't think it is my Cantonese accent's problem)

Modify Style, Why font is a drop down this time again?

you can also manage the styles and more buttons and tabs again.