PureMessage Mozilla filter

If you don't want to use PureMessage on the server side, you can set up Mozilla filter instead based on the ranking.

1. Create a New Filter

Mozilla filter setup

2. There is how the default filter rules page looks like

new filter setting

3. Use the drop down box for header (default is Subject) and choose Customize...

customize header drop down

4.add X-PerlMx-Spam as a new message header

new header

5. set whatever rules you want to mail that matches

30% possibility as junk would Gauge=XXX

50% would be Gauge=XXXXX

filter actions

Viola, you are done.

You can find examples on how to do this if you other mail client. (don't forget try to annoy the "other" "enterprise blah blah blah calendar blah blah blah" client users with this super cool trick, it works from Mozilla Suite too, not just Thunderbird, also, just use about:config, don't even bother with user.js)