Adobe Premiere Pro Real export

You only need to do this once to get the custom setting you want.

1. Choose Export | Adobe Media Encoder

export adobe media encoder menu

2. After you choose RealMedia from the Format, you can get a list of Preset. Choose RM9 NTSC streaming broadband.

ame real presets

3. In the left pane, choose Audiences, click on 64k audience on the right top pane, click the Remove Audience button. Repeat for 128k, 150k, 256k, 512k.

remove audience

4. You should got 384k and 768k left. Choose 56k from the Add Audience

add audience

5. These should be what it looks like with 3 audiences

56k 384k 768k audiences

6. click on the general category on the left pane, uncheck Allow Recording on the right pane.

general not allow recording

7. Click on the Video category on the left pane, change the width and height to 720x480 for 1:1 conversion from DV format.

Becareful not to choose anything like 640x480 or the default 320x240, they will result in a distorted video.

Sometimes, 720x480 is too large for the maximum 768k bitrate you set earlier. Some prefer using a slightly smaller size like 480x320 or 360x240. As long as you keep the 1.5 ratio, it will be fine. Alternatively, you can increase the maximum bitrate.

video 720x480

Some would also want to change other parameters like adding deinterlacing (pre-encoding task), or log the result (post-encoding task) etc.

8. Once you click OK, you will have to name this custom preset, use something meaningful.

name custom preset

9. Once you click OK after naming the custom preset, (it will remember all those, no need to do it again) you will be asked to name the .rm to save.

name save file